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Crane Cookware - 2019

Crane Cookware, a British micro-brand that specialises in high quality tools and accessories for the kitchen, commissioned the studio to design a knife that was suitable for both professional chefs and amateur cooks.

We reduced the length of the blade to make the product more comfortable to use. Importantly too we looked at how a knife should be held, with the thumb resting on the side of the blade and the forefinger on the outside, in a ‘pinch grip’ and took this into consideration when we detailed the handle.

Ultimately we were less interested in questionable ergonomics than producing something with a pared-down, geometeric aesthetic. We varied the depth of the blade, the ratio of flat to curve on the cutting edge and the top, and radius at the heel of the blade, so that users could cut, slice and chop with ease.

The knife is manufactured in Sheffield in a factory that has been producing high-quality knives for 180 years.