Matthew Hilton Studio

About MH01

Self-produced - 2012

The studio has had a long-held fascination with watches. They are a practical object but also a personal statement – a piece of functional jewellery that requires extraordinary skill to produce. Watch brands often trade on macho pursuits – diving, mountaineering, flying – but we were interested in designing a timepiece that expressed how it was made and contained a sense of simplicity.

In this self-initiated project we used high quality stainless steel and a single piece strap of the finest leather from Bill Amberg. Our thinking was to combine the body and face into one piece to reduce the number of components and make the object as elegant as possible. To do this we worked cheek-by-jowl with precision engineers, whose usual clients come from the worlds of motorsport and the aeronautical industries.

The watch was made in a limited edition of 50, with packaging designed by Spin.